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GCP and AWS: What’s the Difference?

AWS and GCP are working toward the same goal from completely opposite ends. AWS is the ops engineer’s cloud. It provides all of the low-level primitives ops folks love like network management, granular identity and access management (IAM), load balancers, placement groups for controlling how instances are placed on underlying hardware, and so forth. You need an ops team just to manage all of these things. It’s not entirely different from a traditional on-prem build-out, just in someone else’s data center. This is why ops folks tend to gravitate toward AWS—it’s familiar and provides the control and flexibility they like.

GCP is approaching it from the angle of providing the best managed services of any cloud. It is the software engineer’s cloud. In many cases, you don’t need a traditional ops team, or at least very minimal staffing in that area. The trade-off is it’s more opinionated.